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Four-Wheeled Youth Vehicles

ATVS and Go-Karts

Different manufacturers produce a whole range of four-wheelers for kids and it's a little difficult knowing exactly which one you should be looking to buy. Our age lists below have been compiled based on manufacturer rating for each vehicle. We invite you to research the information below, if you have any further questions, give our Sales Department a call at 989-684-0754.

Michigan has specifically worded regulations regarding young ATV riders for what and where they can ride (Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. 324.81129). If you would like to sign your youth up for the Michigan Youth ORV Safety Course, click here.

Ages 6+

Kayo, Fox 70 (ATV) Info

It has an electric starter, an easy manageable 70cc engine and its fully automatic. Perfect starter quad for ages 6 and over, up to 160 pounds. As for safety, Kayo equips the Fox 70 with a throttle-limiter screw to keep speeds in check. There is also a wrist tether that will stop the engine if the rider falls off. Finally, parents can hold the electronic kill button that will instantly kill the engine and stop the machine.

Hammerhead, Torpedo (Go-Kart) Info

Comes equipped with a 208cc (6.5HP) LCT pull-start engine. The throttle governor and adjustable pedals feature it the perfect choice as an entry-level go kart. Safety equipment includes a protective lap belt and optional windshield.

Ages 10+

Kayo, Predator 125 (ATV) Info and Bull 125 (ATV) Info

The Predator 125 and Bull 125 are both awesome sport UTVs, with the Predator 125 being one of the most popular units! Underneath is a proven 4-stroke engine that delivers great power for young riders. The Bull 125 offers LED running lights. Both the Predator 125 and Bull 125 have a reverse gear and an electric starter!

Hammerhead, Mudhead 208R (Go-Kart)  Info

Looking for something a little more aggressive? The TS 125 has inverted forks, large disc brakes with a semi-automatic 4-speed transmission so you don’t need to worry about clutching. Seat height is 29.5 inches, with an electric and kick start.

Ages 12+

Kayo, Storm 150 (ATV) Info and Bull 150 (ATV) Info

The Storm 150 and Bull 150 are great units for large teenagers right up to adults. A low maintenance 4-stroke engine delivers great power. No need to shift, each have a semi-automatic 3-speed transmission with reverse! Suspension offers easy steering yet soaks up gnarly terrain.

Ages 16+

Kayo, Storm 180 (ATV) Info and Bull 180 (ATV) Info

The Storm 180 and Bull 180 are great units for riders 16 years and older. A low maintenance 4-stroke engine delivers great power and it has a semi-automatic CVT transmission with reverse! They are easy to steer due to the excellent suspension components, yet does not sacrifice ride comfort on the trails and rigged terrain.

Kayo, Jackal 200 (ATV) Info and Bull 200 (ATV) Info

The Jackal 200 and Bull 200 offer 199 cc engine and a manual 4-speed (and reverse) transmission so you can keep the engine output at its maximum. The suspension is ready to soak up the bumps and ruts and deliver a smooth ride. A sturdy yet light weight frames holds ensures that the suspension and engine can perform at the highest level!

Hammerhead, GTS 150 (Go-Kart) Info and GTS 150 Platinum (Go-Kart) Info

The Hammerhead GTS 150 is consistently the nation’s best-selling 150cc go kart as it has more standard features than any of our competitors. The GTS 150’s most impressive features include individual adjustable bucket seat, 5-point seatbelts, an adjustable steering wheel, speedometer/odometer, electric start, and dual headlights. The Hammerhead GTS 150 Platinum Edition incorporates the unique styling of our GTS 150 combined with advanced features such as nitrogen gas shocks and brushed aluminum wheels. The only stock go kart to be outfitted with performance shocks.

Hammerhead, LE-150 (Go-Kart) Info

The Hammerhead LE 150 incorporate a modern brush guard design, additional plastic side panels, super-bright LED headlights and an elegant dash this kart has it all. It has a large cargo area and comes with all of the standard features you have come to expect such as a 150cc oil-cooled engine, manual-choke start, and Hammerhead shark-tread CST tires.

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